Apr 24, 2019

Hate speech: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube told off by MPs

Parliament TV Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have faced tough questions from frustrated MPs about why they are still failing to remove hate speech on their platforms. Parliament TV. Labour MP Ms Cooper opened the inquiry by asking why, according to reports in the New Zealand media, some copies of the video showing the mosque shootings in Christchurch still remained on Facebook, Facebook-owned Instagram and YouTube. Mr Doughty asked why so much neo-Nazi content was still so easily found on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. "Recommended videos is a useful feature if you are looking for music but the challenge for speech is that it is a different dynamic. We are working to promote authoritative content and make sure controversial and offensive content has less visibility," he said. Ms Cooper asked Mr Pancini why she personally was being recommended "Increasingly extreme content" when she searched on YouTube.

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