Sep 6, 2019

Unsolicited nudes detected and deleted by AI

The project was started after developer Kelsey Bressler was sent an unsolicited nude photo by a man. "When you receive a photo unsolicited it feels disrespectful and violating," Ms Bressler told the BBC. "It's the virtual equivalent of flashing someone in the street. You're not giving them a chance to consent, you are forcing the image on them, and that is never OK.". To test and train the artificial intelligence system, Ms Bressler and her team set up a Twitter inbox where men were invited to "Send nudes for science". Ms Bressler said the software was a "Huge success" when it came to detecting "Vanilla" penis photos and nudes. Ms Bressler said the team was open to sharing its research with Twitter when the project was finished.

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