Oct 15, 2019

Microsoft to use AI to filter game chat

Microsoft is turning to AI and machine learning to let Xbox gamers filter the language they see in text messages. In a blog, Microsoft said the filters would be trialled with Xbox testers in October and then rolled out to all users of its console later in the year. Once applied, filters will also apply to Xbox apps on Windows 10 and smartphones as well as the Xbox Game Bar. "Once you have applied the medium filter you'll notice that you'll still be able to see things like friendly trash talk between friends but vulgar words that we know are intended to bully or discriminate will be filtered out of your gaming experience," he said. Speaking to tech news site The Verge, Rob Smith, a program manager on Xbox Live's engineering team, said it was looking at developing systems that measure "Toxicity" in online chat that can automatically mute people who are abusing friends and foes.

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