Dec 11, 2019

BBC iPlayer stops working on some Samsung TVs

"Samsung tell us they are working hard to address the problem with their firmware and any viewers who are experiencing difficulty watching iPlayer on Samsung TVs should contact the manufacturer to get it fixed," said a spokesman. Samsung has advised that some TVs should start working again after installation of an automatic update, but that some owners would need to force the upgrade themselves via a settings menu. The issue arose weeks after the BBC announced that some of Samsung's other equipment would stop working with iPlayer on a permanent basis. "From Friday 6 December, BBC iPlayer is no longer available on some Samsung Blu-ray, DVD player and set-top box devices as they are unable to support the technical requirements needed to keep BBC iPlayer going," it says on its site, which lists the models affected. The BBC previously phased out access to some older LG TVs in 2018.

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