Jan 7, 2020

CES 2020: Samsung shows off Ballie bot that follows you

Samsung has unveiled a tennis ball-like robot called Ballie that beeps and rolls around, following its owner. Mr Bryant said he thought it was strange that Samsung had introduced Ballie, which has voice recognition capabilities, without any mention of the firm's voice-activated virtual assistant Bixby, which is built in to smartphones and TVs. "I can see a lot of people who will be hesitant with security and privacy concerns," commented Paul Gagnon, an analyst at IHS Markit. Samsung said that Ballie would adhere to privacy and data protection standards. When asked why now was the right time to launch a personal robot like this, Samsung spokesman Benjamin Braun told the BBC:"There are two technologies that are helping this come to life. One is artificial intelligence and the other one is 5G. Those are very much focus areas for Samsung in 2020.". During its keynote presentation, Samsung also discussed other technologies including a mini-exoskeleton worn around the waist and thighs that it said could be used during exercise or by people with mobility issues.

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