Feb 11, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip launch under shadow of coronavirus

Samsung is making all three models in its new flagship smartphone range 5G-compatible. "Although Samsung has diversified its manufacturing into places way beyond China, there will still be components in these phones sourced from China." Samsung has suffered less impact than many of its rivals to date because it makes most of its handsets in Vietnam, and sells relatively few phones to Chinese consumers. Samsung is pitching gaming as one benefit of having 5G connectivity, suggesting that lower latencies will mean that players can see and react to events in online titles split-seconds faster than if they were on 4G. The phones' Google Duo app also displays video chats in higher quality when on 5G. Networks are still in the early stages of deploying the technology, but one consultant said it was still wise to offer it as standard. 30 January-3 February: Apple announces all its stores and offices in china will remain shut until at least 9 February, as does Microsoft and Google, while Samsung closes its flagship store in Shanghai.

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