Sep 25, 2020

Thailand prosecutes Facebook, Google and Twitter over posts

Thailand is prosecuting Facebook, Google, and Twitter over a failure to remove what it says are illegal posts. At issue were 661 Facebook posts, of which the company removed 225; 69 on Twitter, of which five were removed, and 289 YouTube links, which were removed on Wednesday after the deadline, according to the Bangkok Post. Under the computer-crimes law, the social-media companies can be fined 200,000 baht for ignoring a court order to take down posts - and an extra 5,000 baht every day until it is removed. In August, Facebook blocked access to a one million-strong Facebook group in Thailand that discussed the monarchy, after a threat of legal action from the Thai government. At the time, Facebook told the BBC it was preparing its own legal action in response to pressure from authorities there.

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