Oct 9, 2020

Xbox game streaming 'heading to iPhones'

Apple barred the app from its iOS app store, saying all 100 or so games on the service should be listed individually. Since Microsoft plans to add and remove games on the service constantly, it said it did "Not have a path" to bring the service to Apple's iOS. However, Apple released updated guidelines last month which explicitly said that "Open internet and web browser apps" are a viable way for game streaming to work, clarifying the rules for Microsoft and other streaming apps. Google Stadia has a web-browser-based option for the PC gaming market, and users have found ways to get it running on iOS through third-party apps that are essentially customised web browsers. "A native app is preferable due to performance benefits, integration into system level functionality such as notifications and discoverability within the App Store," he said. Modern web design means that browser apps can have some of the look and feel of real, native apps, he added.

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