Aug 14, 2021

Don't ignore cancer signs, says new NHS England boss

Research suggests three in five people don't want to bother the NHS, while others are simply not aware of common cancer symptoms. Over the past year 10% fewer people than normal have started cancer treatment in England and people are being encouraged to come forward. Experts believe abdominal cancers - throat, stomach, bowel, pancreatic, ovarian - and urological cancers - prostate, kidney and bladder - are the most likely to go unrecognised. Since March, the numbers of people referred to cancer specialists in England have returned to pre-pandemic levels but the latest NHS figures show there are still delays for some. In the same month, the percentage of urgent cancer referrals - made within two weeks - was slightly down on May at 85%. The target is 93%.A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said it was vital that people raised any health worries with their doctor and continued to go to regular check-ups and appointments when invited.

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