Nov 7, 2022

'It's so liberating': The people quitting social media

Gayle, who is a life coach specialising in helping people give up drinking, worked out that she spent about 11 hours a week, on average, on social media. UK Addiction Treatment, an organisation that runs centres to treat social media addiction, says it has seen a 5% increase in the number of people seeking its help for the problem over the past three years. "Society has undoubtedly developed a strong dependency to social media, and the internet in general since the pandemic," says Nuno Albuquerque, a counsellor at UKAT. Increased awareness of these concerns has led to more people like Gayle quitting social media, or at least spending less time on it. Hilda Burke, psychotherapist and author of The Phone Addiction Workbook, says there's now more widespread awareness about how much time people are "frittering" away on social media platforms. He welcomes the fact that more people are quitting social media.

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