Dec 17, 2022

Why is Elon Musk spending his time on Twitter, not on the mission to Mars?

I have been watching Elon Musk for a number of years - and more closely than ever in recent months, since he decided, seemingly on a whim, to buy the social network Twitter. What I have learned is - as, perhaps, with many of us - there are many different faces of Elon Musk. Yet Tallulah Riley, his ex-wife, whom he married twice, described him in BBC documentary series The Elon Musk Show as "Sweet" and "Shy". Veteran Silicon Valley journalist and author Mike Malone, who has known Mr Musk for 20 years, tells me he sees "a very reserved, very smart, very introspective and intellectual guy" who spends long transatlantic flights with him reading complex trajectory tables, trying to work out how to land a spacecraft on Mars. Sending people to Mars is a lifelong goal for Mr Musk.

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