Jul 6, 2023

Instagram's Threads is a 'much-needed' Twitter competitor

Steven Bridges, a YouTuber with 448k followers, told the BBC he saw Threads as a "Much-needed competitor" to Twitter. "Almost every influencer, whether they like it or not, or whether they want Threads to succeed or fail, will be hopping on Threads just in case it does succeed," he said. "There is potentially a small advantage or a large advantage to being an early adopter of Threads - you certainly will have less people in the Threads ecosystem, so maybe you can get more followers quicker or something like that. Doug Brown, an artist and Edinburgh black cab driver, said he was interested in Threads as it brought together elements from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. "Threads by Instagram for me has achieved that, the Threads app looks like Twitter, but the app has brought a lot of the easy-to-use features from Instagram and Facebook together."So far I'm impressed with Threads.

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